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Terms & Conditions

Your purchase is subject to normal terms and conditions of sale which are shown below for your reference. Please read them carefully. This policy is subject to change without notice. Effective as of July 29, 2019.

Lowest Price Guarantee feel confident that it's prices are the most competitive in the market and assure you that you will not find a lower price at any other floor covering retailer in your area. However, If within 3 days of placing your order, you receive a lower price for the same product and installation, will happily refund the difference. To qualify, you must provide a written estimate on the letterhead of a licensed competitor, including product name and price, product weight, style type and fiber content, thickness, plank width and an itemized listing of applicable warranties and/or services for comparison. has the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether the written estimate qualifies for the offer. will not match a competitor's bonus or free offer, special offer, rebate, financing offer, clearance or closeout price, or installation special. Subject to change.

Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to local retail store pricing and/or purchases. Online retailers and wholesalers are excluded. "Local retail store" is defined as a permanent building/structure containing outdoor signage with store name, street address, customer parking, and phone contact information listed in a public phone directory.

30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
The 30-day replacement warranty it’s only offered to our Innovative Flooring Products and must be listed on your flooring agreement, this guarantee excludes all other brands we sell including, but not limited to, Armstrong Flooring, Bruce Hardwood, Mohawk Flooring, Shaw Floors, Capella Wood Floors, Dream Weaver Carpet, and Bona. If at any time during the first 30 days after your flooring is installed you wish to change your new flooring for any reason (other than as expressly provided below), present your flooring agreement to your sales consultant and we will replace it with another style or color of flooring of equal value. Should you wish to replace the flooring with a flooring upgrade, you may do so by paying the difference in price. No monetary compensation will be paid if a floor of lower price is selected. This is a one-time replacement only and does not include replacement of trim, moldings, accessories, cushion or reinstallation charges. Simply call our office within 30 days of installation and indicate that you wish to choose another floor and provide a copy of your flooring agreement. This is a replacement guarantee and does not apply to matters covered by other warranties. Any replacement product cannot be the same style and color as the original purchase. Replacement quantity must be the same as the original purchase. This warranty is valid only for original owner-occupied residential installations. No replacements will be made with respect to flooring that has been glued down, subject to moisture related issues, abuse, vandalism, alteration or damage caused by smoke, fire, flood, wind, lightning, or any disaster. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of flooring that has been professionally installed by Customer is responsible for all labor including demolition and reinstallation charges of all materials at regular costs.

Lifetime Installation Warranty
The Lifetime Installation Warrantit’s only offered to the installation of our Innovative Flooring Products and must be listed on your flooring agreement, the installation of all other brands we sell including, but not limited to, Armstrong Flooring, Bruce Hardwood, Mohawk Flooring, Shaw Floors, Capella Wood Floors, Dream Weaver Carpet, and Bona comes with our standard 1 Year Installation Warranty.

The length of the “ Lifetime Installation Warranty” will vary accordingly to the life of the manufacturer's wear warranty of the flooring purchased.

In addition to any warranty extended to the Customer directly from the manufacturer of the product, separately warrants that all of its labor will substantially conform to the manufacturer’s recommendations and that, upon notice from the Customer, will correct any faults related to labor only. If the warranty work requires the replacement of a product that is no longer available, the Customer agrees to accept a reasonable product match of equal or lesser value. All product warranties are provided by the manufacturer, therefore customer agrees to pursue any product related issue directly with the product manufacturer.

This Limited Warranty does not cover the following items: A. Any installation defect that was apparent or ascertainable at the time the work was completed but which was not promptly reported to the Contractor. B. Damage related to subsequent alterations, misuse or abuse, including but not limited to, dents, scratches and dulling in the finish. C. Damage resulting from fires, storms, electrical malfunctions, accidents, floods, sub-grade moisture conditions, leaks, or acts of God. D. Man-made damaged, including but not limited to leaking, broken plumbing, landscape watering/irrigation, standing water during or after construction. E. Damage resulting from improper maintenance, wet or damp-mopping the floor with water or other substances will also not be covered. In addition, damage resulting from the following are NOT covered under these limited warranties: use of hardwood cleaning machines, auto-scrubbers; use of non-recommended maintenance and floor-care products, including but not limited to oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products, or other commercial cleaners that contain acrylic; neglect or abuse including but not limited to taking proper precaution to protect furniture legs and feet with protective pads to reduce scratches and dents; not using dollies and protective plywood when moving heavy objects, furniture, or appliances. F. Installation failures related by subfloor/substrate not in compliance with the manufacturer's specification. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the contractor with a subfloor/substrate that is in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Manufacturer’s requirements are available upon request. G. Damage related to the Customer’s failure to observe any instructions from the Contractor and/or requirements of the manufacturer with respect to the product, including, without limitation, failure to control humidity and temperature levels within the home per manufacturer’s specification and relative humidity within crawlspace and/or concrete slab. H. All moisture related issues including but not limited to Cupping, Crowning, Buckling, Splitting, Fuzzy grain, Gapping between boards, Squeak noises and Crack noises. I. Natural variations in color, gloss level, or U.V. discoloration between samples/models and installed flooring. Any sample or model is for demonstration purposes only, and such sample or model does not create a warranty of any kind that the goods you purchased shall conform thereto. Any warranties based on any such sample or models are specifically disclaimed. J. Contractor shall not be responsible and will not warranty against color mismatch between existing flooring and newly installed flooring. K. Natural variations in color, mineral streaks, knots, and grain variations from wood plank to wood plank. L. Contractor shall not be responsible and will not warranty against color mismatch between flooring, shoe molding and transitions pieces. M. Fading or discoloration due to exposure to sunlight. N. Any item furnished by the Customer.

Customer should contact the Contractor at 704-391-9845 or provide written notice to the Contractor at The written notice should include the following information: the original contract, the original estimate, customer's name, address and telephone numbers, and a description of the problem.

The Contractor shall not be held liable for any damage to furniture or appliances moved during the project unless notified while installers are at the job-site.
The Contractor shall move all large pieces of furniture including couches, chairs, dressers, coffee tables, dining/kitchen tables, desk, beds, mattresses, TV stands, and the following appliances: Refrigerator, Freezer, Stove, Washer, and Dryer. The customer shall remove all breakables items including but not limited to crystal, porcelain, picture frame, lamps, and all other decorative items.
The customer shall remove all clothes from the closet and all bedsheets from the mattresses prior to the installation day.
The customer shall remove all items hanging from the walls including but not limited to pictures, posters, draperies, and curtains.
The customer shall remove all electronic equipment including but not limited to stereos, cable boxes, routers, DVD/Blu-ray players and alarm systems
Some items require special handling including but not limited to a pool table, aquarium, and grand pianos and must be handled by professionals and shall be moved prior to the installation day.
Some appliances such as ice makers, gas appliances and dishwashers require special handling for disconnections and hookup and shall be handled by professionals and shall be moved prior to the installation day.

Wood flooring by design is not to be used to strengthen/stiffen a subfloor and will not do so. If movement of the subfloor occurs prior to installation and is not corrected, that same movement will occur after installation is complete.

Customer shall be responsible to provide the Contractor with a subfloor that is in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications; otherwise, the Contractor’s warranty and manufacturer's warranty are void. If in doubt whether subfloor meets minimum requirements Customer is encouraged to hire a certified professional to provide an assessment and additional guidance. All costs related to subfloor repairs/replace will be paid by Customer.

The non-conforming subfloor will delay project completion beyond the original scope of work and may increase cost due to unforeseen issues. Once again, Customer is strongly encouraged to seek professional guidance prior to commencement of flooring project to avoid unpleasant delays and additional costs.

Concrete Subfloor Specifications:
Make sure the concrete slab is flat to the wood flooring manufacturer’s specification. Typically, manufacturers will specify a flatness tolerance of 1/8” in a 6-foot radius and or 3/16” in a 10-foot radius. If the slab is out of specification, consider grinding, floating or both. Many high spots can be removed by grinding, depressions can be filled with approved patching compounds, and slabs also can be flattened using a self-leveling concrete product.

Crawl Space Conditions:
Where a proper ground covering is in place and when venting is required by local building codes, the crawl space should have perimeter venting equal to a minimum of 1.5 square feet per 100 square feet of crawl space square footage, unless local building codes differ from this specification. Note: Local building codes may differ. Follow local building codes.

For crawl spaces without ventilation openings, vapor retarder joints must overlap a minimum of 6 inches and be sealed or taped. The vapor retarder should also extend at least 6 inches up the stem wall and be attached and sealed to the stem wall. Continuously operated mechanical exhaust and perimeter wall insulation or conditioned air supply and insulation must be provided.

Wood Subfloor Specifications:
Subfloor panels should conform to U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS1-07, Construction and Industrial Plywood and/or US Voluntary PS 2-04 and/or Canadian performance standard CAN/CSA 0325.0-92 Construction Sheathing. Other CSA standards also apply.

Solid-board subflooring should be ¾” x 5½” (1” x 6” nominal), Group 1 dense softwoods, No. 2 Common, kiln-dried to less than 15 percent moisture content. Both CD Exposure 1 plywood and OSB Exposure 1 subfloor panels are appropriate subflooring materials, but the proper thickness of the material will be determined by the factors noted below in Part IV, Panel Products Subflooring, E, Acceptable Panel Subfloors.

Wood subfloors must be flat, clean, dry, structurally sound, free of squeaks and free of protruding fasteners.

For installations using mechanical fasteners of 1½” and longer, the subfloor should be flat to within ¼” in 10 feet or 3/16” in 6 feet radius. For glue-down installations and installations using mechanical fasteners of less than 1½”, the subfloor should be flat to within 3/16” in 10 feet or 1/8” in 6 feet radius.

If peaks or valleys in the subfloor exceed the tolerances specified above, sand down the high spots and fill the low spots with a leveling compound or other material approved for use under wood flooring. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the wood-flooring contractor with a subfloor that is within the tolerances listed above.