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PureColor® Solutions


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At a glance

Our PureColor® Solutions collection comes with DreamWeaver proprietary. PureColor® solution-dyed fiber that not only will add beauty and coziness to any room is also guarantee not to stain, bleach or fade.

Lifetime stain resistance

DreamWeaver proprietary PureColor® solution-dyed fiber resists staining, even from things like red wine, chocolate and pet stains

Lifetime fade resistance

DreamWeaver proprietary PureColor® solution-dyed fiber doesn’t fade even from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

10 year wear resistance

Made with our PureColor® technology, our carpets are made to last. And that means that they will look newer for longer.

PureColor® system

At DreamWeaver, we’re constantly thinking of ways to make our carpet better. Not just for the sake of innovation, but so your family gets the most comfortable and durable carpet possible. And our PureColor® system ensures your carpet and its color will last.

Carpet reinvented

DreamWeaver's founder, Bob Shaw, doesn’t do things halfway. When he set out to reimagine the carpet industry, he did so with the intent of creating the best possible product. People love carpet and that it will always have a place in their homes.