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Bona Mega

Bona Mega® is the revolutionary, oxygen-crosslinking, waterborne wood floor finish for use on heavy-traffic interior residential and commercial floors. Bona Mega’s unique OCP (Oxygen Crosslinking Polyurethane) formula uses the oxygen in the air as the crosslinker. Bona Mega® is the world’s leading waterborne finish, providing exceptional durability, beauty and value.

Wear Resistance: Bona Mega provides exceptional durability rating approximately 975 cycles on average in a tabor abrasive test. Abrasion Tests according to ASTM/by using CS 17 with 1000 gr. of weight/wheel.

Clarity Level: Clear when dry, Bona Mega provides a Natural wood color that enhances the beauty of the wood.

VOC Level: Low VOC's - 200 g/l. Non-offending, virtually odorless and it is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

Sheen Levels: Extra Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

Curing Time: The curing process takes approximately 7 days, (75% cured after 1 day, 90% after 3 days). The floor may be walked on after 24 hours, but remains susceptible to scuffing or marring until completely cured. Furniture can be moved back in carefully after 3 days. Do not replace area rugs until the floor has fully cured.